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Lasting change always unfolds from the inside-out.

You have to focus on working in as much as you focus on working out.

Meet Sheena

Your mind & body coach.

Sheena is a health, fitness and personal development expert with a passion for empowering others to step into their highest potential and live a conscious and meaningful life in mind, body and spirit.

Passionate about holistic wellness, Sheena uses her expertise and personal experiences to meet you where you are on your own journey and guide you into a powerful process of growth – from the inside-out.

A human lighthouse, Sheena’s guidance introduces you to a new level of perspective and awareness that allows you to see yourself, your life and your experiences differently.

Sheena will guide you through layers of honest self-enquiry and reflection as you develop your relationship with yourself and open the pathway to a life-changing mind and body transformation. 

How, what & why!

How can mind & body coaching help you?

The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life. Your inner world of thoughts, emotions and beliefs affects everything on the outside. YOU are the creator of your life experience, whether consciously or not.

Self-knowledge is essential to creating change and is difficult to develop without the right tools. Sheena guides you with the knowledge, tools and higher perspective to radically transform your inner world.

Sustainable physical transformation and abundant health can only be achieved by working in harmony with the body, not against it. Sheena will guide you with the expertise to make long-term changes, not through extreme measures or unsustainable diets, but through the application of science and making lifestyle changes to help you achieve and maintain your results.

What will this look like?

Personal development AKA 'mind' coaching is a combination of 1:1 video calls, guides, tools and workbooks designed to develop self-awareness and facilitate a deep internal transformation.


Learning the pillars and the process of Sheena’s signature growth formula: Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, and Self-leadership.
Learning to be more present - living in the now.
Understand what is within your power/control and what is not, so that you can develop a peaceful relationship with your circumstances.
Finding the balance of past, present and future.
Learning the tools and skills to help you uncover and overcome aspects of yourself that are holding you back.
Learning skills to manage stress, anxiety or overwhelm.
Understand and overcome habits that are not serving you.

Body coaching comprises of two parts:


Working with Sheena to develop a self-investment and health focused fitness lifestyle. Achieve results, be confident in the gym and master your technique tailored or personalised programming for the gym or at home delivered through the Sheena Jayne app. 

Sheena knows your journey is unique and works with you to create a balanced and sustainable approach that is designed to facilitate your inner and outer transformation. Be supported by intimate access to your coach, along with guides and tools to take your training experience and your connection with your physical self to the next level.


This is not just about following a ‘nutrition plan’. It’s about gaining knowledge of what you’re eating and understanding how to fuel your body and your life. Sheena will guide you to create long-term and sustainable body composition changes whilst optimising all aspects of your health from energy levels to hormone balance and function.


  • Learning to find a balance between movement and stillness: doing and being.
  • Learning to nourish and fuel your body for both health and results.
  • Learning to take care of and invest in your physical vessel from a place of self-love.
  • Learning to move from restriction and punishment to sustainability, freedom and inner-outer harmony.

Why is the journey important?

We all have a need for self-direction - to be an autonomous leader of self. Taking care of yourself involves both self-awareness and self-leadership: learning to see what must change within yourself and your life and developing the tools and skills to make those changes.

We all have a need to evolve in life and within ourselves. Your relationship with yourself, including the way that you take care of yourself - both in mind and body - sets the tone for everything else in your life.

'You' are the cup from which you pour. To give your best to life you must first give your best to yourself. By learning to constantly refill your own cup you can show up as your best self not only for you, but for everyone around you.

The doorway to great change opens inward. Creating a conscious, loving and fulfilling relationship with yourself is the foundation of great changes in every aspect of your life. To connect more deeply with life, we must first connect more deeply with ourselves – it all starts from within.

When you work on yourself, it creates a ripple effect of positive change in your life.

How does coaching work?

All mind and body coaching is hosted through the Sheena Jayne coaching app, with a range of coaching packages and options to suit you regardless of where you are on your journey.

What people are saying:

Gerry, 56, New Zealand

I have found Sheena to be an amazing Coach. She has certainly been a pleasure to work with, I feel so empowered in my training and mindset. I have trained harder than I previously did due to knowledge and self-growth which Sheena has instilled in me.

My journey includes nutrition where I have learnt so much about what fuels my body which in turn helps me build muscle. I enjoy my positive relationship with food, love training to bring my best every step of my fitness journey. Thank you Sheena for helping me reach my full potential. Sheena is awesome, so professional, supportive, listens to me and very responsive to my questions and been a fantastic Coach.

Since training with Sheena, I have already made such progress which resulted in my success on the stage. Through sound nutrition plans, training and mindset with Sheena ‘s coaching, I placed 1st in my divisions. Thank you Sheena I love working with you and looking forward to bringing my new-best to the stage with your support in nutrition, mindset and posing. I feel empowered, motivated and inspired by Sheena as we continue our fitness journey together. Fitness is my passion. Thank you Sheena!

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Hana-Rae, 30, New Zealand

Sheena Jayne creates queens! I have been lucky enough to work with Sheena for over five years now. When I first contacted Sheena, I had been yo-yo dieting for years having tried every ‘diet’ under the sun. I was stressed and unhappy but not self-aware enough to even know, or understand how much pressure I was putting myself under. I was extremely hard on myself with an all or nothing mentality to food and exercise. Fast forward five years and I am a completely different person, inside and out thanks to Sheena.

While being tighter and lighter is obviously a nice by-product to working with Sheena, it’s the mindset transformation that has made the biggest difference to me. Sheena has set me up with the tools to deal with life, going far beyond just meal plans and gym programs. The skills that I’ve learnt through Sheena help me in every aspect of my life. The ability to step back and evaluate all aspects life and how they interact has been invaluable. Sheena has the ability to make you pause in a moment of time and evaluate how you can be the best version of yourself each and every day.

I used to be my own worst enemy and now I’m one of my biggest cheerleaders. I feel in control and able to make balanced, beneficial decisions for myself. Balance looks different for everyone depending on your goals and my definition of balance changes depending on my current goals and Sheena has really helped me with this concept. From focusing on getting ready for a show and being in the best shape of my life, to focusing on my career and needing to ensure I am in the right place mentally and physically to perform at my best in the corporate world, Sheena has been there for every part of my journey and listened and adapted with me.

Everyone’s journey is different, it’s sensitive and personal and Sheena has an incredible ability to adapt and shape a program that works best for each individual. She sees the full picture and provides the foundation for success no matter what that looks like. Sheena knows me better than I know myself sometimes! She pushes me when I need to be challenged and backs off when she knows I need to figure something out for myself. In some ways it’s incredibly hard to articulate the journey I’ve been on but what I can say is – it’s special and it’s changed my life for the better. I hope that everyone gets to experience the sparkle of Sheena Jayne.

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