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Ursula, 50, New Zealand

Before meeting Sheena I had reached my goal weight but knew that despite all the work I had done on my physical appearance the real work I still needed to do was on mindset and relationship with exercise and food. Sheena really understood my struggle to set ‘next goals’ and my fear around undoing all work I had achieved to date.

And so was born ‘growing, flowing and glowing’, learning to be at peace with my body, to not fear numbers on the scale or to punish myself with more exercise, or less food. It has been a turning point for me, being able to learn from her mind and body coaching to just flow with life. The journey continues and I’m so grateful to have Sheena’s honest guidance and support alongside me.

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Jas, 29, New Zealand

When I first started working with Sheena, the intention was for a tailored training and nutrition plan to help me towards my fitness goals. In working under Sheena’s guidance and support, she has helped me discover that it is more than just having a training and nutrition plan. By exploring mindfulness practices, Sheena has helped me create a healthy relationship with exercise and nutrition that makes it sustainable.

Sheena has guided me to become more self-aware, enabling more control of my internal state, peace and happiness which as a result empowers me to make better choices that align with my goals. Working with Sheena, has not only enhanced my training and nutrition practices, and knowledge around this, but overall, has had a significant impact on many other areas such as my relationship with myself, with others and with my career. I feel in the time that I have been working with Sheena, I have grown so much as a person inside and out.

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Helen, 44, New Zealand

Since working with Sheena I’ve developed a regular training routine at home, which being a gym go’er for over a decade, this was something I never thought was possible! I’ve always eaten ‘well’ but it wasn’t until I started working with Sheena that I realised I was eating nowhere near enough protein to change my body composition or fuelling my body with the correct balance at the right times to compliment the work I was putting into my workouts.

I started working with Sheena through a six week program which was a great introduction – everything was manageable, there was no overwhelm and with Sheena’s ongoing encouragement and expertise it was easy to make the changes I needed to get the results I wanted. I have committed to working with Sheena more closely inside her 3 month coaching program and I’m really excited for the results which will be inevitable with Sheena’s expertise & guidance every step of the way!

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Brittany, 25, New Zealand

I couldn’t recommend Sheena more highly. Working with Sheena has changed my life. She helps me rise to challenges and strive towards my goals and continually empowers me to evolve both physically and mentally into a better version of myself. Working with Sheena has helped me cultivate greater self-awareness and self-leadership and level up in all areas of my life. I am truly grateful to have her as my coach and mentor and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

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Danielle, 35, New Zealand

Working with Sheena has been such a welcomed addition to my life. For someone who thought I understood everything about nutrition and exercise, boy can I see how wrong I was. As women, I think so many of us are taught increased exercise and less food is the way to get to our desired body and one of my massive revelations since working with Sheena is just how wrong that is. I’ve also learned so much about how I can make my body and what I eat work for me.

I started working with Sheena to increase muscle as I knew this was important to get to my ultimate fitness and health, and I am learning so much about how to do this and just how important muscle is for me and my fitness goals.

On top of that, as a busy woman with a busy career/career goals, perfection in this process is impossible. Sheena has been teaching me how to more gracefully understand this and has been not only an awesome and motivating mentor, but also an accountability partner – someone who checks in with me each week and whilst I’m still working at finding my rhythm with our plan together, I know having her as my accountability partner/coach is a huge necessity I needed in my life. I know that by working with Sheena, I will eventually have a sustainable health and fitness routine – which is perfect because that is exactly what I’m looking for!

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Mel, 39, New Zealand

Firstly, I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Sheena. Truly from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank her enough for getting my passion back for training and my love for exercise, post children. By chance I stumbled across her and her programmes, which totally transformed my body and my mind. I have always had a passion for being physically fit, but now I feel that being mentally fit and healthy is also key to leading my active, chaotic, full time work as a PE teacher and a mum/wife/daughter/sister/friend positive life.

My personal journey has been a crazy ride. Since meeting and being coached by Sheena my relationship with food, my body and myself has changed dramatically for the better. As an ex gymnast for 16 years as my background, where I have always set high standards for myself, seeking perfectionism throughout my life and the many ups and downs with body image and nutrition that comes with being a teenager, that allowing myself the time to get back into fitness I found very difficult prior to meeting Sheena. I have had 2 children who are delightful, full on and just pure magic. But I found both my pregnancies extremely tough. I lost myself. My physical side. But knew I needed to feel grateful in this process. From raising a new baby, navigating parenthood with him and 20 months later having our second child was all foreign and stressful. I never took time for myself. Never tried to get back to my old fit self without getting lost in the cycle of negative self-talk. When our daughter was 1 I allowed myself to step foot back into the gym and start working on myself again. We had a very difficult time with our daughter who suffered a heart attack at 13 days old so that first year of her life was managing all sorts of emotions. Allowing myself the time to starting training again would in turn allow me to become a better mother, wife and friend to those who I loved so very much. The stress and worry with our daughter was traumatic, but I found peace at the gym working on my physical self.

Then I started working with Sheena, who also navigated my mind into self-awareness, tracking macros and understanding how all 3 aspects work together to bring the best out of myself and my training. On and off over a 2 year period I have developed more confidence to try new training exercises and to back myself 100%. Being in the hurt-locker is not always fun, so stepping back my training when I am sore, or tired are 2 key aspects that I will always thank Sheena’s knowledge and understanding of myself for.

Sheena’s knowledge on training and exercise is paramount and her ability to read me was unreal! She knew when things were working and when things were not just by the way we touched base on a weekly basis. She understood my frustrations and we worked together to overcome these and unpack my trauma and past histories of training/ food imbalances. I am becoming more mindful, more accepting, more aware that my physical appearance does not define who I am, but my internal self-love and self-worth is key to being a better mother, wife, friend. It has taken a lot of time and knowledge, is always evolving, but I cannot thank Sheena enough for steering me in the right directions and sticking by me.

I never on this Earth thought I would meet such a caring, knowledgeable soul, who has the passion for transforming other people’s lives for the better. Fitness and leading a healthy life for me is always changing and always evolving. But from all of this I now understand that my mind is the biggest hindrance. Feeding my mind positivity and unpacking hurt will enable me to reach the goals I set myself internally and externally.

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Courtney, 33, New Zealand

I have only been working with Sheena for a short time and can honestly say it is the best decision I made. Out of all coaches I have had over the years she is by far the best!! I haven’t enjoyed training programs as much as I do now – such a new way of training and she has made me realise that you don’t need to lift heavy for an extremely effective workout!

Sheena’s knowledge is outstanding!! She has taught me how to fuel my body correctly while still enjoying all the foods I love. She is such a supportive coach and the most beautiful soul.

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Louise, 29, New Zealand

Sheena has had a huge influence on not only my fitness journey as a bikini athlete but also my personal life journey as an individual. Throughout our time working together she helped heighten my awareness which benefited me in so many ways I never thought possible. I developed a deep level of self-awareness that allowed me to tap into more engaged mind to muscle connection whilst training, improve my relationship with food and gain a perspective around the ‘why’ behind my decision making.

Sheena taught me to question and challenge my beliefs in a way that will encourage me to grow. And I did. I grew in so many ways and I can’t thank Sheena enough for the support, guidance and encouragement along the way. She is full of knowledge and was my biggest fan and for that I am grateful. Couldn’t recommend Sheena more! She is a great coach and an even better human being!

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Grace, 22, New Zealand

Sheena has helped me with a lot of things, both inside & out. Such as understanding ME and my goals, pushing me towards evolution and growth for where I want to be, and my golly it has paid off. I had never felt more welcome/comfortable than I do with Sheena. Sheena has made me feel so proud, even for my smallest achievements, the positivity she flourishes with has made the biggest impact on me continuing to strive. To this day she never fails to help me keep motivated to smash my goals.

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Kyla, 26, United States

Aloha! I started working with Sheena around the year 2017 and it was one of the best decisions I made for myself. Having done sports for most of my life bodybuilding was a whole different learning curve for me. I learned so much through Sheena! She assisted me with my nutrition, training, and posing (in and off-season). At the time, I was mostly a cardio bunny who lifted weights but did NOT eat enough… I struggled with getting the appropriate macro and micronutrients for my body, but Sheena guided me through it all. She has definitely had a big impact on my day to day lifestyle; and she still inspires me to this day. What impressed me the most about her was her very personable attitude and positive mindset of “being present in the moment”.

The minute I had my consultation with Sheena (in 2017) I just knew she was very down to earth and had a natural caring vibe to her. I’ve struggled with my mental and emotional state of being at times and she was always there to be a listening ear or a sound voice for me. Those moments were always precious and made me realize how lucky I was to have a coach such as herself in my corner. There’s so much to write about with our journey as coach and client (even friends) but to summarize, I loved every moment working with Sheena!

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Hana-Rae, 30, New Zealand

Sheena Jayne creates queens! I have been lucky enough to work with Sheena for over five years now. When I first contacted Sheena, I had been yo-yo dieting for years having tried every ‘diet’ under the sun. I was stressed and unhappy but not self-aware enough to even know, or understand how much pressure I was putting myself under. I was extremely hard on myself with an all or nothing mentality to food and exercise. Fast forward five years and I am a completely different person, inside and out thanks to Sheena.

While being tighter and lighter is obviously a nice by-product to working with Sheena, it’s the mindset transformation that has made the biggest difference to me. Sheena has set me up with the tools to deal with life, going far beyond just meal plans and gym programs. The skills that I’ve learnt through Sheena help me in every aspect of my life. The ability to step back and evaluate all aspects life and how they interact has been invaluable. Sheena has the ability to make you pause in a moment of time and evaluate how you can be the best version of yourself each and every day.

I used to be my own worst enemy and now I’m one of my biggest cheerleaders. I feel in control and able to make balanced, beneficial decisions for myself. Balance looks different for everyone depending on your goals and my definition of balance changes depending on my current goals and Sheena has really helped me with this concept. From focusing on getting ready for a show and being in the best shape of my life, to focusing on my career and needing to ensure I am in the right place mentally and physically to perform at my best in the corporate world, Sheena has been there for every part of my journey and listened and adapted with me.

Everyone’s journey is different, it’s sensitive and personal and Sheena has an incredible ability to adapt and shape a program that works best for each individual. She sees the full picture and provides the foundation for success no matter what that looks like. Sheena knows me better than I know myself sometimes! She pushes me when I need to be challenged and backs off when she knows I need to figure something out for myself. In some ways it’s incredibly hard to articulate the journey I’ve been on but what I can say is – it’s special and it’s changed my life for the better. I hope that everyone gets to experience the sparkle of Sheena Jayne.

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Katie, 41, New Zealand

Working with Sheena over the years has been nothing short of amazing. Sheena understands that each person is individual and therefore tailors her approach to me and my strengths and weaknesses. Having Sheena guiding me on every level of my journey and empowering me to feel confident and able to tackle any challenges I face in day to day life. I can’t thank Sheena enough for her dedication to me and her belief in me to continue to soar higher and embrace life.

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Shauna, 54, New Zealand

I was introduced to Sheena when I was going through a super difficult time with my previous couch while prepping for my first ever body building competition at age 53. I literally had no idea what I was doing, wasn’t enjoying the process and it felt like a slow form of torture focusing on what that coach wanted to achieve rather than my personal goals.

When I switched to Sheena everything changed!! I feel like I’m actually in partnership with my Coach now not just a source of revenue! Sheena has taken the time to really understand my goals, my why, and looking at the body as a whole rather than just the physical element as well as really taking on board we are all so different.

What I’ve been able to achieve with Sheena is such a short period of time has me totally excited!! We’re working on building my mindset as well as my physical body for new challenges. The tools I’ve gained I know are setting me up for a sustainable lifestyle and I have no hesitation in recommending Sheena either as a lifestyle or competition coach!!! She’s so easy to work with and will 100% help you achieve your goals.

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Gerry, 56, New Zealand

I have found Sheena to be an amazing Coach. She has certainly been a pleasure to work with, I feel so empowered in my training and mindset. I have trained harder than I previously did due to knowledge and self-growth which Sheena has instilled in me.

My journey includes nutrition where I have learnt so much about what fuels my body which in turn helps me build muscle. I enjoy my positive relationship with food, love training to bring my best every step of my fitness journey. Thank you Sheena for helping me reach my full potential. Sheena is awesome, so professional, supportive, listens to me and very responsive to my questions and been a fantastic Coach.

Since training with Sheena, I have already made such progress which resulted in my success on the stage. Through sound nutrition plans, training and mindset with Sheena ‘s coaching, I placed 1st in my divisions. Thank you Sheena I love working with you and looking forward to bringing my new-best to the stage with your support in nutrition, mindset and posing. I feel empowered, motivated and inspired by Sheena as we continue our fitness journey together. Fitness is my passion. Thank you Sheena!

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